Let’s Make: Escargot Pastry

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the typical European style dining. There are at minimum three courses:
– Appetizers (called ‘entrées’ in French)
– Mains (although some non-European places, like Québec, have resorted to calling these ‘entrées’ as well — this has led to ensuing chaos as people from abroad and translators often find hard to explain except with a general “Meh, the French” from the lazy and silence from the wise. But I digress)
– Desserts (where very often in Europe, is not limited to simply the sweet fare but also the savory)

This recipe belongs to the first category.
Here’s how to make an easy, budget friendly, pseudo version of a dish I ate at a French restaurant before.

Escargot ingredients

Ingredients (4):
– Pastry shells
– Escargots, 2 cans
– Garlic
– Butter
– Salt and pepper (S&P; opt.)

1. Grab your snails
I bought mine at the supermarket. These two brands are super affordable in Canada.

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2. Break ’em open
A simple can opener will suffice; no need to dramatically grab a knife or use your teeth. However, if you prefer using one of the previously mentioned methods, use at your own risk.

Opened escargot cans
Photo taken by Eleanor Wong

The two that I show here are actually different sizes. Generally, there is a consistent escargot size but in my own indifference (and somewhat limited resource range) I chose two different types of snails. Follow at your own discretion.

Opened escargot cans

3. Chop garlic
(I love garlic)

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4. Heat pan and add ingredients.
Add oil when pan is hot (yes, I am aware I used a mini pot in the photos #studentghettolife). Then add garlic (2min) and escargots, in that order.

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5. Cut and add butter shavings

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6. Take out and set pastry shells onto plate

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7. After 10 minutes, remove and serve escargots on shells
Ration ’em well!

Makes 3-5 depending on your plating.

3 escargot pastries
Photo taken by Eleanor Wong

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