Exploring TO : Colors and ice cream

It was a great day to explore Kensington Market. My friend dragged by yours truly were on a mission to find ice cream to complete our mission that day so we headed down to the market for some casual strolling and food eating.

My goldfish memory only served to remind me of a few things: some ambiguous cheese store, the chicken and waffles place Dirty Bird and a Spanish popsicle/desserts shop. This was not much to go on for us.

We fiddled around with the idea of choosing from amongst 200 homemade flavors in one shop to a Thai rolled ice cream shop. We chose the latter (no duh; jk I think it’s human nature to freak out when there’s too many options #GradLife).

Thai rolled ice cream
Photo taken by Eleanor Wong

While I was happy that we could continue our ice cream tradition after transitioning back to our home city together, I was dissatisfied. Inspired by other local bloggers who had come out to create content, I asked my friend:

“Daniel. Wanna play blogger assistant for a day?”

Essentially, I made him do two things: modeling and photographing. #WhatFrenzAreFor
I think there is a real thrill in encouraging friends to do new things.

#1 you’re not alone
#2 it’s funny

I’m still waiting on another friend to come to our city so that as a trio we can explore the city and try new things (yes, Jimmy, I’m talking about you).

But Kensington Market is really great for casual hangouts. Colors run bright on summer days and there was such a refreshing bustle compared to the Financial District. I had hated Toronto at first because it seemed too official, too formal. Montreal was my original love and secret sweet spot. But I’m coming to love the 6ix gradually. Who knows if I’ll be heading off to another city soon? (hint: I am, so stay tuned for more of my posts)

A tip on making somebody else with no experience model for you: make them laugh. Don’t give them the impression that you’re paparazzi-ing them. Look at my attempts at making my fellow companion smile:

Model: Daniel
Photo taken by Eleanor Wong

See, this might not work as a final shot but it gets them going. I finished off with this:

Kensington Market - Sunset
Model : Daniel
Photo taken by Eleanor Wong

Yas Daniel. Werk it.

I got some pretty nice shots for myself too so I was satisfied …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(no I’m not. Daniel you get back here and bring Jimmy too. Ima make an entire album out of you guys’ bromance)

What are your tips for getting friends to pose for you?


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