5 Quotes for the Postgraduate

Hey y’all.

It’s Deep Thursdays again and as a lot of you might be going through the same thing as me, I wanted to write a post about quotes that I found helpful since finishing my undergraduate studies. To give a little background, I graduated McGill with a double major in Translation and History. I also have had the craziest times these past few months applying for jobs. #FindingJobsIsHard

(Note, this is not a ‘What-I-Learned-In-College’ type of deal; I’ll write that later for a future enjoyment)

Just so you know, this is kind of more like a guide so feel free to skip to the relevant parts. #Ctrl+F

So let’s get to it shall we? Take a seat, grab a coffee.

1. To the Not-Sure-What-To-Do Type
2. To the Afraid-Of-Making-Mistakes Type
3. To the Parents-Friends-Myself-Hindering-Self type
4. To the I-Need-To-Do-This-And-That-AUGHHH-SO-MUCH-TO-DO Type
5. To the Worried-About-My-Current-Choices Type

1. To the Not-Sure-What-To-Do Type

Don’t wait for something. Go out and chase it.

No job or graduate school plans secured yet? As a fellow worrier with a bad habit of evaluating as many options as possible, I recently learned to stop waiting for the application responses and job interviews but instead to keep busy. You like blogging? Write a blog. You like websites? Try an online project oriented course making your own (scroll down for a list of recommendations). You like social media? Take a course on Brand/Digital Marketing. In other words, just do it. It’s hard to pursue something when you’re not sure but starting in anything will show initiative. You’ll be investing time into yourself which is always productive whether you think it’s useful in the future or not. #SpoilerAlertCuzItWill

2. To the Afraid-Of-Making-Mistakes Type

We don’t learn much when everything goes right. We learn most when things go wrong.

A lot of it is really a mentality thing. Deep down there is always something causing us anxiety, whether a small worry for a mentally strong person or a big worry for a mentally weak person and vice versa. Mistakes are one of the most common potential weakness for the fresh grad when we haven’t tried a lot or enough. We want the world to be our oyster but we also need to make the first step. Don’t be lazy. Believe in yourself. Go for it. We -the world- gotchu (whether victories or mistakes). Try even if it looks impossible because you never know. I’m not gonna bore you with success stories of celebs and whatnot. #YouKnowTheDrill

3. To the Parents-Friends-Myself-Hindering-Self type

Supportive people are those who you don’t have to explain to 24/7.

Now. I understand that there are parent pressures, peer success pressures, your own laziness and inability to be a functioning human adult pressures but seriously, find your own circle of people who will be able to call you out when needed but most importantly, who don’t ask too many questions (yes, that’s a thing now). Self-reflection is always good but when you’re being constantly questioned about everything all the time (from motives to plans to desires) and you have nobody to encourage action out of words, it’s time to get yourself someone real supportive! Even one person or anonymous chat bot is fine! (Although in my experience chat bots ask a bajillion questions, no mojo)

Also stop trying to impress people. Impress yourself first. Else you gradually give way to people giving you expectations.

4. To the I-Need-To-Do-This-And-That-AUGHHH-SO-MUCH-TO-DO Type

Haste makes waste.

So I learned that while it is important to get things done, getting too much done aka. spreading yourself too thin is also not very smart. Be quick to do what’s important but write down a list of all the things you need and prioritize them. What’s important to you or to your parents in terms of future plans and goals then figure out from there three options (I like to call them the main 3 or your triangle plan) of things to focus on.

– 3 priorities
– how each play into your life whether interest, future endeavor, skill wanted
– timeline (set yourself some deadlines; learned this from fellow blogger Ella T. Check out her video on writing goals)

And finally….

5. To the Worried-About-My-Current-Choices Type

Caring about the little things to build something bigger.

You should give yourself a pat on the back for getting your applications done and being accepted to wherever you are, whether in a school, an internship or a new job. Take the credit but also remember to focus on your overall goal when dealing with the more immediate goals crippled by anxiety, indecisiveness, and doubt. I have lost my way several times in many aspects of life until I finally took the initiative to remind myself every day what my goals are. And of course, it never hurts to ask God for guidance as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Goals change though, as do people and as do you. Give yourself and others the credit due but don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out 100% what you want. And don’t let other people affect your goals too much. It’s hard to go about it alone but let yourself go places you want to be.

There truly is no real formula on how to live in this world but mistakes should be made to discover common sense and wisdom. Hope this sets you into a new mindset to tackle the big world out there.

Toodles for now!

Disclaimer: take any quote with a grain of salt (heck take all these with a grain of salt; shameless self-promo here to follow my Twitter @Ellythinggood for examples of taking ‘inspirational’ quotes with a grain of salt)







…feel free to send me your own recommendations or comment down below to add yours!


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